How to Buy Your Woman Lingerie

With Valentine’s day closing in, it’s easy to throw your hands up and get the last minute heart-shaped box of candy or red roses. Instead why not opt for an overlooked gift like lingerie? You may think it’s typical but every woman wants to know that her man — whether you’ve been together a few weeks or years — wants her. If you’re thinking, “I don’t know where to start” or “I don’t know what to get.” Consider this your own lingerie tutorial.

1. Find Out Her Size

Before you start considering what to get, you have to find out what will fit. Size is super important according to the expert stylists at Foreign Affair Lingerie, a company that sells international intimates to American customers. So how do you find out her figures? Instead of busting out a measuring tape, simply ask her. It sounds obvious, but she really is the only person to ask. If you don’t feel like getting into discussions, you can always check out her panty drawer when she’s not around. Just be sure you look at her bra size (there will be a number followed by a letter, e.g. “34B”) and her underwear (it might include a number or say “small, medium, large”). The right size equals comfort; comfort equals confidence; confidence means she’ll wear it all the time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

2. Flatter Her Figure

OK so you’ve got the measurements down pat. But what outfits or clothes have you seen her look her best in? According to the experts at Foreign Affair, “men should pay attention to which pieces look good on [women] and which [don’t]”. So if her cups runneth over, she may not want to rock that push-up bra. Or if she’s self-conscious of her bootyliciousness, we’d recommend skipping the thong and going for a bikini instead.

3. Know Her Style

Is your cutie a jeans and blouse kinda gal? A glamazon who loves rocking the latest runway look? Most likely she’s somewhere in between. The point is, you should be paying attention to what she wears out as well as what she wears underneath. If she’s a classic white bra and cotton panty gal, leave the crotchless panties and half-cup bras on the rack. But if she has a drawer of negligees, you might consider that teddy and thong set. It’s all about paying attention and knowing what she’ll like. As for colors, stick with neutrals if you’re not sure; skin color, black or white are always good options.

4. Play It Safe With Sleepwear

If you haven’t found out her size or have spontaneously decided to go the lingerie route, you may find yourself at a serious loss. If that’s the case, there are a few pieces you literally can’t go wrong with, such as slips, nightgowns and robes. Sweet, naughty or sexy attire is easy to pick out in this department since they can look so similar to street clothing, and sizes are as easy as small, medium or large.

5. Keep It Simple

In matters of lingerie, simple really is the way to go. The more ruffles, hard lace or latches a piece has, the more scratchy, stiff it will feel on the most delicate areas of the body it touches. Not to mention the more difficult it will be to get on and to take off. So while you may love the way a corset looks, sizing is difficult since it has to fit around the bust, waist and hips. They’re also made for “the hourglass body type and if a woman has larger/smaller top than a bottom, a corset won’t look right,” say the experts.

6. Be Prepared to Spend Money

On average, price ranges can vary. But as the folks at Foreign Affair noted, “price speaks for the quality.” Expect to spend up to $100 for lingerie set. This doesn’t mean the most expensive item is the best one; but at a boutique store it usually means the item is a higher quality and could potentially last longer.


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