Let Love Blossom

The fluffy pink buds on the cherry blossom trees are a glorious reminder that spring has arrived! Everything around us is starting to turn a lovely shade of green and the first flowers are popping up after a long winter in hiding, welcoming us into the season with beauty and splendor.  The air feels fresh and is filled with the light scent of flower blossoms and freshly cut grass while the sun tickles our skin and warms up our hearts.  On the cherry blossom trees, those small pink buds grow bigger and bigger, forming delicate petals and creating the most beautiful balance between elegance and fragility.

With the changes in nature and the rebirth of the landscape around us, spring is the time for new beginnings.  A new relationship, a new endeavor, a new adventure…the feeling of rejuvenation that comes in the spring season makes all of these things seem possible.  As well as new experiences, spring can be the perfect time to renew or revive feelings for the one you love.


Let the beauty of flowers, blossoming trees, and sprawling green grass motivate you and your significant other to step outside and take a walk in the park, hand in hand.  Take a moment to enjoy each other’s company sitting on a park bench and basking in the sun as it warms your skin.  Share lunch or a picnic on the grass while you listen to the birds chirp and revel in the sounds and smell of spring.  As the cherry blossoms open up and share their beauty with the world, awaken your senses and open yourself up for a renewal of love.

When the sun sets and the chill creeps back into the air, return to the comfort of home, light your favorite aromatic candles, and continue with your romantic day – just the two of you.  In the park, the love you share between you may make you the envy of everyone around, but at home, the two of you can truly enjoy the romance and intimacy that’s been sparked and ignited.  Be ready for a new day, be ready for the new season, and be ready to experience a special moment with a special someone, as true love and passion can happen at any time.


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