Ladies, meet your match!

Every woman wants to look and feel attractive. We follow fashion and keep up with the latest trends, we take inspiration from what the celebrities are wearing, and we run out to buy whatever beauty products the super models are using on their skin. We buy designer clothing and spend hours pairing it with different accessories to create the perfect look.  Yet for some reason, we are nonchalant about what we wear beneath our clothes.  Lingerie is the first thing you put on in the morning and the last thing you take off at the end of the day. It is the foundation for every outfit and can be our own little secret or source of inspiration for the day.  So why are we so lazy when it comes to our lingerie?

There is nothing more appealing than a sexy bra matched with a pretty panty or sexed up with a garter belt. When we have a date planned or intend to spend a romantic evening with our husbands, boyfriends, or significant others, we put on a pretty set that makes us feel confident, beautiful, sexy, and stylish.  Yet when we get dressed in the morning, we grab whatever bra is in the top of the drawer and whatever panties we get our hands on first.  Women who pay attention to the little details in life wear matching undergarments every day.  It’s a sign of class and elegance.  We can all take a cue from the models we see on TV and in magazine ads – they always pair their undergarments and what does that do? It just makes them look that much more beautiful.  Even if no one is going to see what we have on beneath our clothes, wearing a matching set can make any woman feel sexier and exude more confidence.

mismatching set

Most men enjoy seeing a woman in lingerie, and most men will tell you that what they prefer is a matching set.  Lingerie calls attention to the areas it covers up, so by pairing different colors and different fabric textures, we can easily distract from a man’s focus and attention.  Wearing a paired set, even if it’s a simple one, takes very little effort but makes a huge difference. The next time you get caught up in a spontaneous moment of passion, let him be surprised that you took the extra moment to match your bra with your briefs.

Ladies, get ready to take this simple step in dressing to perfection. Organize your lingerie drawer, push those unsightly mismatched sets all the way to the back, and keep this one shopping tip in mind: panties are washed more often than bras.  Try buying two pairs of bottoms to every one bra.  By having one sexy, baring bottom and one more moderately cut bottom, you’ll extend the life of a lingerie set and get more use out of it by being able to wear the different types of bottoms with different types of clothes. With so many styles to choose from, you’re sure to meet your match!


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